1. I am in my last year of my law degree

I finished my bachelor in law and international relations last year and currently doing my LPC with a LLM. I interested in working in business law or international relations.

2. I am not allergic to anything

Well at least as far as I know…

3. I can play the acoustic guitar

I took lessons for a few years growing up. I loved playing and singing along. I even performed at my school graduation but I haven’t played for a while.

4. I die for camembert

Weird love for eating camembert since I’ve been young. I even used to have it for breakfast. I basically use it as bread and eat it with everything. Since I’ve moved to London I can’t buy the exact brand that I like so I’ve made it a point to only eat it when I’m back home.

5. I’m vegetarian

And have been since very young. I just don’t enjoy eating my friends anymore, and I feel great!

6. I am a big animal lover

Any animal just makes me so happy. My dream is that one day I’ll have a big house with all kind of animals: cats, dogs, pigs, cows, tiger…(big dream I know).

7. I wanted to be a wild life vet

Goes with the one above. I used to dream about being a vet in Africa and living in an animal reserve where I would spend all day long taking care of the animals.

8. I love watching true crime and missing person’s  videos

Watched also all the netflix’s documentaries. It’s interesting to hear about what drove someone do such horrible things. Try to understand the human psychology, even though most of time you can’t really understand. I also think it brings awareness to people who have already passed or others who are still missing.

9. I don’t watch movies

I am not really a big movie fan. I’ve watched only a couple movies in my life and everytime someone speaks about a movie that the whole planet has watched, I probably haven’t. I don’t like the discontinuity of it, much rather watch a tv show that last longer and where you have time to really identify with the story and characters before it ends.

10. I’ve never broken a bone

Lots of strains but nothing broken. Thank god.




  1. 10th March 2019 / 5:40 pm

    Oh my goodness, if you love true crime you need to listen to the podcast Small Town Murder! I have a long commute and it’s the only thing that keeps my mind occupied!

    xo Logan

    • Helene
      20th March 2019 / 7:38 pm

      Will definitely give it a try. Thanks for the suggestion x

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