We all have weeks that are particularly busy where we need to get a tone of things done in a small amount of time. When that’s the case we often get so overwelmed that we end up procrastinating. Here’s a few a of my tips to get you in a productive mood and get things done.

One of the big things that help me be very productive is getting up early in the morning. You feel more motivated and have a lot more time to get things done. You’ll be a lot more productive early in the morning than late at night when you’re so tired all you want to do is sleep.

Getting my workout done in the morning is also a great way to kick start my day. You already feel so productive by just getting your workout out of the way which will motivate you for the rest. Not only that but working out helps you wake up and create endorphines which helps you focus.

Having a clean work space is having a clean mind. You can’t concentrate if your environment is cluttered, so make sure you put your stuff back where they belong and keep as little clutter on your desk so that your mind won’t wonder around.

Making a list decomposing what you have to do in little steps is also another great way to help you get in the productive mindset. It will make a big task look less impressive if you decompose it in little bits which will make you more likely to do all the steps and eventually get everything done.

It’s also important to have a routine in the morning to start your day as it will help you get into the habit of getting things done. It could be everything from eating breakfast every morning or making sure to get dressed or having a jog etc…

If you have a lot to do and not enough time you need multitasking. It’s also a great way to make some tasks more enjoyable. For example you can listen to an easy tv show while cleaning or do a hair and face mask while writing your essay, just get creative with it and soon you’ll be getting everything you want done everyday!


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