I just came back from a quick trip to London and had the opportunity to eat in many yummy restaurants that I thought I would share. As a vegetarian, London is my paradise because there are so many vegan restaurants and vegan options in normal restaurants. It is a breath of fresh air since there are only two vegetarian restaurants in my region in Switzerland which one of them is my mom’s restaurant (Check it out at Vegan restaurants are most of the time health conscious and very tasty, so you can enjoy yummy food while knowing you are not harming your health. If you’re eating at a normal restaurant you should know that most of time, it is unfresh vegetables, meats and fruits that you are eating, all cooked in trans fat oil which causes cancers. And yes, even the best rated restaurants do that because it is cheaper, which explains why many vegan restaurants are often more expensive.

The first restaurant I went to was Nama which is a raw vegan restaurant. I am not a fan of raw food but nonetheless it was very tasty. Raw food is the best thing for your health since you’re eating uncooked food, cooking food destroys enzyms and other nutrients that are very beneficial to the body. I ordered “vegan cheese” which is basically hummus with on one hand olives and on the other tomatoes along with raw dehydrated crackers. This was my favorite part. I then ordered a crepe which was again cooked below 40 °C and was very delicious.


The second restaurant was The good life eatery which is not a vegan restaurant but has many vegan options and is Health conscious. There were smoothies, juices, salads and even vegan peanut butter cups and vegan brownie bites. Those two were incredible, definetly recommend them. I ordered a courgette spaghetti with goat cheese which was again very nice.

The last restaurant was the cutest. It is Tanya’s cafe, a vegan raw restaurant located in a hotel. This place is very cute and just feels and smells healthy. The raw tacos along with the cheesy kale chips were out of this world good tasting. To drink I took a vegan chai latte which was very comforting during the cold rainy London weather.




If you live in London or are just visiting, I definetly recommend trying some yummy healthy vegan/ non vegan restaurants. Click here to find a list of all the vegan restaurants in London.

If you don’t feel like going to a restaurant, you can pick up some healthy snacks or just do some groceries at Whole food market. The raw revolution chunky peanut butter protein bar are perfect to keep in your bag if you start getting hungry.


London makes it so easy for you to eat healthy so there’s no excuse ;).


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