I didn’t really have much time to prepare for London Fashion Week, this time around. I have been busy focusing on my course at uni and didn’t really have any clue what outfit I was gonna wear but I went with it and figured I would dive deep in my closet. I found this snake two piece that I had got quite a long time ago from Pretty Little Things but never got around to wearing both of them together because it seemed too out there for everyday wear…but nothing is too out there for London Fashion Week. If anything, the more out there, the better. I also have fallen in love with snake print and anything animal print really, so I figured this would be a perfect match. I paired the outfit with a warm knit and my white comfortable boots.

Like I said, this time is a bit different. As it is now my 3rd LFW, I’ve decided to do things a bit different. I used to go to every show back to back all day long, and as much as it is at first exciting, it gets repetitive and tiring. You really spend more time standing queuing then you spend watching the shows. Therefore this year, as I don’t have that much time to spare anymore, I decided that I would only go to the shows that I really wanted to see and keep it something fun and enjoyable as opposed to being exhausted at the end of the day.

On the day 1, I saw the Rocky Star show that a lot of bold grungy pieces and I also saw the Stories From Arabia show which is a collection of designers. I already went to this show last year and really enjoy it as they have beautiful intricate dresses.



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