Maintaining good hair is hard. I completely think that the quality of your hair depends on your health and therefore your diet but apart from that there are a few things that you can do with products to help your hair. I have experimented with the color of my hair and had the “ombre effect” done a few years ago. It has been a big hit and miss with the hairdressers and I’ve learned a lot about my hair so I thought I would share.

I knew I should start slow with the bleaching process so I started with just a few blonde highlights and then progressively added more. However, I had a very bad experience where a hairdresser completely bleached the ends of my hair yellow. She fixed it afterwards with hair dye but the problem with bleached hair is that it doesn’t grasp to permanent colour as well as normal hair does. So as you wash your hair the dye comes off progressively and the yellow starts showing again. This is why I haven’t bleached my hair since a year because I have been trying to work with what I already have and I finally found a technic that works great. If you want blonde highlights or balayage what you have to be aware of is that you will have to do things to maintain the color as it will not remain the same.


The trick with blonde is not letting it turn to brassy blonde. This is why you first need to do your research on the Hairdresser you’re going to. Instagram is a great place because you can see the results, the comments etc…Basically you have to dye the hair quite light for it to not be brassy. If you dye it to that medium bleach, the hair naturally will look orange especially with time. The second trick is toner. This is what saves my life. At the hairdresser ask for a toner which can make the blond the shade you want (ashy blond, warm blood etc…) This is great for eliminating orange tones however like I said bleached hair doesn’t keep pigment well so we will have to maintain it at home. This is where Silver shampoo comes in. I have been loving the Proclere Blue Frosting Silver Shampoo for at home maintenance. You have to use it as a normal shampoo but of course make sure to wash the ends of your hair well. Leave it on for 10 min and rince. Silver shampoos have a blue/purple tint which neutralise orange tones. I also love the John Frieda Sheer Blonde Colour Renew Shampoo which is a lot more accessible and just as affective.

Another big downside of bleached hair is dryness and dry ends doesn’t give the appearance of healthy hair. Washing your hair too often will dry and damage it out because your scalp naturally produce oils that nourish and protect your hair. Shampoo strip away that oil and therefore will contribute to drying your hair. I like washing my hair a maximum of 2 to 3 times a week. In between I have been using dry shampoo which is a powder, just like talc that absorbes the excess oil. Therefore if you have greasy hair all you need is to spray it on your roots and massage it in your scalp. I love the Batiste Dry Shampoo in Medium because it is lightly tinted brown which doesn’t leave a white cast on my hair.


Just as important as maintaining your hair is protecting it. Of course like I said diet is very important but going to swim in the sea will dry your hair whether your eat a healthy diet or not. The environment, the air and the pollution all contributes to damaging a lot of things in our body including our hair. I think it’s very important to apply a good oil to the ends of your hair, especially if you are bleaching them as it will provide more moisture and help protect it. I like to apply the L’Oréal Elvire Extraordinary Oil  to the ends of my hair everyday. When I wash my hair I apply twice as much oil (around 5 to 6 pumps) just because when your hair is wet the follicules are open and it will absorb much better, I then let my hair air dry as it cuts down the amount of heat I use on my hair and I find that blow dryers makes my hair too fluffy. Otherwise on most days to avoid it looking greasy I just apply 2 to 3 pumps. Sometimes I will even do hair oil masks before washing my hair. You can do this with the L’Oréal oil or with olive or coconut oil. Just smear it on all your hair, tye your hair up to avoid putting grease everywhere and leave it on for 20 to 30 mins and then wash it off. This will really nourish your hair and make it shiny.

Another great protection, especially if you like to style your hair with hot tools like straightener or curlers is heat protectant. I’ve been using the L’Oréal Elnett Heat Protectant which works well at creating a barrier for your hair against the heat. Of course the best thing is to avoid putting heat on your hair completly but we all know this is not always possible for everyone, including for myself. I have very stubborn baby hair that just like to curl over night, what can I say!


And finally styling your hair. Yes the quality of your hair is important but what fun is it if you can’t play with it afterward. Like I said I like to straighten my hair but sometimes I like to curl or blow dry my hair. Even though my baby hairs like to curl the rest of my is pretty much stubborn straight. Meaning it doesn’t hold curls very well which is why a good hairspray is important. I like the L’Oréal Elnett Satin Hairspray because it is the OG of all hairspray, been using it since I was little. I have yet to find a great hairspray though because like I said my hair is very stubborn and it still doesn’t hold curls great. It is also great if you want to do a very sleeked back hairstyle like a bun or a sleek pony tail or it’s great to tame fly aways. Just spray it on a unused toothbrush and smooth the flyways.


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