Self-care is so important during those stressful and uncertain times. Quarantine leaves us with a lot more time than usual and we should use it to focus on the important, ourselves and our health. Thankfully there are a few ways to find some peace in this high anxiety period and make sure we don’t neglect our wellbeing.


girl in purple set who self-care girl in purple set who self-care


It goes without saying that everyone should do their part and stay inside as much as possible to avoid the virus from spreading. However, staying inside does not mean laying on the couch with a huge paquet of chips. With Covid-19 spreading at such rapid rates, we should be reinforcing our immunity and making sure our health is at its best.

If you are staying at home, you should take advantage of it and start cooking more often. There are so many simple, healthy and delicious recipes out there to try. Pinterest is my favorite way to find great recipes. I know everyone is stocking up on pasta, rice and frozen meals however making sure to eat fruits and vegetables instead of heavy carbs all the time will give your body the important nutrition and minerals it needs to stay strong.

A great way to get organised and minimise the amount of outings to the grocery store, is to have a few recipes ready for the week and then to meal prep and make a grocery list according to those recipes. In addition, when cooking I would recommend making larger amounts which can then be used over a few days or frozen for later use.

Ideally, you should be getting all your minerals and vitamins through your nutrition but since no one is perfect, vitamins and supplements are a great way to make sure you are not deficient in anything important. Vitamin D is great right now as it reinforces your immunity. I love using Iherb as they have good quality vegan supplements, low shipping cost and the products get delivered fast.


Self-care is also a great opportunity to take care of our skin. Not only does our skin get a break from makeup but so does our nails, lashes and hair from toxic and damaging treatments, unless you like to do those treatments at home.

Take that time to pamper yourself, take a bath and put a facemask on. My favorite is Jetlag by Sunday Riley. You can also do a hair mask with something simple like pure coconut oil or something more fancy like Christophe Robin Regenerating Mask. Make sure also to moisturise your body and face. A great body moisturiser is the Bum Bum Cream.

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Working out and moving your body is another crucial part of maintaining a good health. I know it can be hard to find the motivation to workout from home especially if you are used to doing classes or working out with a friend but there are so many great workout videos to follow. A lot of fitness apps are now free to download and gyms are also doing live workouts with actual coaches that can help motivate you, for example you can follow l’Usine live workouts on their instagram.

Working out can also be just taking a walk in the forest or just around your neighbourhood if you have quarantine restrictions. It is about getting up and moving your body. Another more relaxing way to do some exercise is to stretch or do yoga, again you can find great videos online especially on Yoga with Ardrienne‘s channel.


Self-isolation can be especially challenging for our mental health. Whether you were struggling before with your mental health or are just getting a bit depressed now, mental health is hugely important when it comes to self-care. I would argue it is even more important than physical health. Being depressed or stressed can have devastating effects on your immunity and can be very damaging long-term.

If you live alone, use technology, reach out to your friends and family, have FaceTime parties with them and make sure to mutually check-in with each other.

Start writing a journal, it can be tremendously helpful to write down your thoughts everyday or even write down 5 things that you are thankful for every morning.

Watch uplifting movies and books that captivate and uplift your mood. Force yourself to get out a little bit while still taking precautions of course.

Meditation is another great way to stabilise your mood and thoughts when you feel like they are getting out of control. Great meditating apps like Calm or Headspace are available on apple store.

Finally, if you still find yourself struggling there are a number of hotlines that you can call anonymously and talk to someone.

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girl who is self-caring during quarantine

girl in purple set loungewear self-carepurple set loungewear self-care

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