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You have probably all heard about the smoothie trend going on. However this is not another stupid and useless trend, it’s actually on the contrary a very intelligent and healthy trend. I drink smoothies everyday and enjoy them because they are so beneficial to my health. There’s this famous phrase issued by the health department “eat 5 vegetables and fruits a day”, well this phrase is correct but most people are not able to eat that much fruits and vegetables everyday. This is where smoothies come in handy since you can put all of those fruits in a blender which is a lot less boring and time consuming than eating each of them individually. I usually drink them as a snack when I come back from the gym and will change it up according to what I feel my body needs. I use super foods which are food supplements with amazing health qualities. As an example, during a few months, I used to loose my hair a lot and its texture was very thin , so I added Spirulina in my smoothie which contains essential amino acids and I actually saw a drastic change in my hair! Allow me today to break down the smoothie mystery for you and to give you 5 different smoothie recipes for one person.

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Banana Spirulina Smoothie: – 2 table spoons of spirulina raw powder – 3 dates – 1 fig – 1 banana – Squeeze half a lemon – Add half as much of vanilla soya milk – Add crushed ice depending on your preferences
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Guarana powder orange smoothie: – 2 table spoons of guarana powder – 1 peeled orange – 3 dates – 1 fig – 1 kiwi – Half as much again of almond milk – Crushed ice depending on your preferences

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Hemp cacao smoothie: 
– 1 table spoon of cacao powder – 1 table spoon of hemp protein powder – 1 banana – 1 apple – 3 dates – 1 fig – Half a table spoon of vanilla extract – Half a table spoon of cinnamon – Add half as much of almond milk – Crushed ice depending on your preferences   Enjoy your smoothie xxx



  1. Ruby Olive
    13th March 2015 / 10:29 pm

    Great tips! Will definitely be using some of these gorgeous recipes in the future ! Xxx

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