Liquid lipsticks are very trendy at the moment and I completely understand why because I love the look liquid lipsticks give me. I have always been a fan of matte lipstick so when liquid lipsticks came out it was for me an enhanced version of my beloved matte lipsticks. However, they have one major inconvenient which is that they can be extremely drying and uncomfortable on the lips. Some of them also don’t last as well or fade awkwardly. This is why I decided to share with you the best liquid lipsticks I have yet come across.


Let me start with my favourite which is the Jouer lip crème in noisette. I got a very weird experience with the Jouer liquid lipsticks, I talked about it on my snapchat which @helenefauran you can add me for mini live reviews, because I also had purchased the shade cabernet which has a totally different formula. The cabernet shade is absolutely horrible, very drying and patchy, it comes off in little bits on your lip, just really bad. But the noisette shade is so beautiful, one of the best formula I’ve ever tried, it’s very thin on your lips and what I like about it’s that it applies very evenly and stays on your lips all day unless you eat a very greasy meal. Grease is the enemy of all lipsticks

My second favourite is the Stila Stay all day liquid lipstick, I have the shade Patina. This one is little bit thicker than the Jouer so it gives off a little bit less of a natural look but it applies great, doesn’t dry too quickly so you have time to work with it and again lasts very well throughout the day.

Armani Lip Maestro is another great lipstick. It’s more on the higher end but I think it’s worth the price. I have the shade 502 which is a deep purple. It is a little bit more drying than the Jouer and Stila one but it applies like a dream on the lips and it stays very nicely throughout the day.

Sephora cream lip stain is another great find, super inexpensive and the quality is really good. You don’t feel it on your lips and it lasts quite well, if it starts fading it won’t be the weird fading which you can sometime get when it’s so drying it grips to the dry patches on your lips and leave you with a very uneven lips.

Kat von D everlasting liquid lipsticks are the OGs of liquid lipstick and there’s a reason, she knows her stuff. Very nice formula, absolutely love the shade Lolita I and II. I find it a little bit more drying but nothing too uncomfortable.

Lime crime Velvetines are another great option. The formula is definitely the weirdest of them all because it’s very liquid. I find that the performance varies with the shades because I bought 3 shades and the darker shade is not as nice as the others. Because of their liquid formula they apply very nicely on the lips but they do dry relatively fast.

Lastly, another OG of liquid lipsticks which is Anastasia liquid lipstick. This was sold out in every sephora and people were wrestling to get to the makeup stand so I had to get mine from nice and peaceful internet! I have to say I don’t really get the hype over it because yes it is a very nice lipstick but compared to others it’s not the best. The colour did last a very very long time but it wasn’t as smooth and as even as I had expected for that price point.


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