I think we all know how important our health is, it’s the foundation of all foundations. I’ve noticed within the past years that the “healthy trend” has been growing and growing. I remember visiting California when I was much younger and being surprised by how the healthy lifestyle was popular over there and it slowly has been moving over to the rest of the world including the UK and Europe. I think it’s an amazing trend but being healthy is not always easy or “fun”. We all love our junk food and cheat meals or sometimes we just don’t have time or are lazy. I thought I would share with you today my tips to have a healthier lifestyle without so much effort.

1) Exercise:


We’ve all heard it, including me and it is sometimes really hard to find motivation or time. I’ve found that there are many ways to help me get some exercise in my day. First of all establishing a routine is really important. Once you get in your routine, it’s much easier to find motivation but as soon as you stop that’s when it’s get really hard to start again. Working out with a partner or making friends with people at your gym is also very stimulating and makes it much more enjoyable. If you don’t have time to get to your gym on a specific day I’ve found that walking to wherever you’re going instead of taking the tube or the car is a great substitute. Another little trick on those days where you really are busy is for example to squat while brushing your teeth! Otherwise, youtube is amazing for at home quick workout.

2) Water:


I am someone who usually is never thirsty so I will barely drink any water during the day if someone doesn’t remind me. This is a really bad habit because water is super important for your body and for your skin, especially if you are exercising and sweating a lot. I have however been really good about it over the past few months because I started using an app called My water balance which tracks and reminds you of your water intake. I would get notifications on my phone to remind me of drinking. That’s when I started to always have a glass of water near me when I was at home. Trust me, if you have water near you, you will be much more likely to drink that glass without even noticing. I also started to always drink one full glass when waking up which apparently is really good to clear the toxins of the night and drinking at least two glasses before or after every meal. After using the app for a while, it just started being a habit. Another nice tip if you find water boring is to add some lemon which is even better for detox.

3) Food:


It is probably the most important of all tips. Without a good diet there is basically no point in working out, but of course just having a good diet is not sufficient you still need exercise. It is a balance of both. Eating healthy food is probably the hardest. One because it usually takes time and two because it’s not always the tastiest. This doesn’t mean you have to say bye bye to your favourite dessert or to junk food, again balance is key. I would say eat 90% healthy, if possible home cooked food, and 10% treats. A really helpful tip to not be tempted by junk food is to simply refrain from having it in your house. Trust me, this works so well because you will be far less tempted. If you get really really hungry, chances are you’re not gonna bother going out to get that junk food and you’re just gonna eat what’s at home. I’ve found that when I’m out of inspiration for cooking pinterest is a really great place to find recipes. You can find you favourite dish but the healthy version and for me the vegan version. I’ve tried out so many vegan alternative recipes from there and they all tasted really good. There’s also some great ideas for snack which is usually when we start wanting bad stuff. Smoothies are another great invention, I’m guilty of not doing this enough because I find it quite time consuming but it’s an amazing way to consume a lot of vegetables and fruits.

4) Meal prepping:


It’s great way to save time. I like to make bases like rice, quinoa, beans, peas, soup etc…in a bigger quantity for the rest of the week. Like this I already have my base and can just add some vegetables or some sauce to it. I don’t like going super crazy with it and preparing exactly every meal because I get bored if I don’t have some kind of variation so I like to just prep some stuff and add the rest later.

5) Oil intake:


I have found different views on this but in general I think we overuse oil. Especially because most of time it’s not good oils. When you’re eating out at a restaurant they probably use some kind of cheap vegetable oil in a lot more quantity that is needed. So at least when I’m at home I like to use the least amount of oil possible. Starting by buying only good and organic oils. I usually cook with olive oil like probably a lot of people but it’s also not the greatest. An alternative to that is coconut oil, there are unscented versions which don’t have any taste to them. Otherwise I’ve found that there’s a lot of times where oil is not necessary. Everytime I’m cooking something already made like a vegan patty or vegan sausage, they usually already come pretty oily so I can just cook like that. Buying non stick pans are also a great way to use less oil. Otherwise adding water acts as a substitute even though I’ve found that for some things like onions it doesn’t give the same taste and doesn’t brown them as much. For my salads, I now put lemon juice instead of oil which is much better and it tastes great and refreshing!


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