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Summer is coming and we all know that during summer a lot of our body is on show. This is not about looking a certain way or satisfying a certain body standard, this is about feeling healthy, feeling good. Cause we all know that when we feel good, we look confident and confidence is sexy. So here are some of my workout tips to get your summer started.

1. Look up workouts online

There are many YouTube videos where you can see in details how to do a specific workout. What I like to do is take a screenshot of the different workouts and make a gym album on my iPhone. This way when I’m at the gym I can take a quick look at the picture and remember. This is a lot more convenient than looking at the whole video and trying to find the passage with the move you were looking for.

2. Download working out apps

This way you can keep track of your progress and create a workout playlist. One of my favorites is Fitness point.

3. Workout outside

Go for a run, do some yoga in your garden whatever. But working out outside will get your motivation level up and you will be in a better humor afterwards because being in the sun is always good for the mood.

4. Bring a bottle of water

This is super important because if you’re working out correctly, you should be sweating a lot. Especially with cardio during summer you will be dripping sweat. This is why it’s important to drink because sweating is a big water loss. You can always add lemon in your water or other fruits to help with digestion and bloating.

5. Wear appropriate clothes

Wearing sticky pants and a big shirt is not gonna work. You are not going to comfortable and you will not achieve as much. Wearing shorts or bralets will give you the appropriate aeration.

Have a good workout xxx


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